Thursday, January 25, 2018

So it's 2018!!

Kicking off 2018 by living in the past... at least for all intents and purposes on this blog. I typed out intensive purposes the first time I wrote this... and thanks to google, realized I've been doing it wrong.

The end of 2017 is such a blur to me now, but as I looked through my iCloud photos, there were too many special moments for me not to post a collage of pictures. 

Below are some of the family photos we took for our Christmas card. We've done a few sessions at Austin Wildflower Center. It's crazy that's where we did our maternity session! I was 34 weeks pregnant with Dakota and could only dream I'd be back with a family of four one day. 

In September, we had our first Jellystone get away with our cousins. We loved the campgrounds, all the activities, and getting in the Halloween spirit. Our cabin won best decorated and Aunt Jess made the kids the cutest Minion costumes- our little Malmo-Minions! I'm already looking forward to our vacation here next year.


We set off on our first flight as a family of four to Florida. (Dakota would have a hard time saying that as she says "ss" for F.) It was a much needed trip to see Gaga and Papa Doud!
The beach was gorgeous and we cannot wait to move in there. J/K
But it's never too early to start dreaming of a retirement home, right?

They loved hanging out at the airport!!!


There were lots of fun weekends in Austin! We started a band at Kiddie Limits, made an appearance in the drum circle, and then completely wiped ourselves out in the blazing heat.

My little pumpkins picking out their pumpkins.

Cheering on our favorite team on Earth!!! The energy in the air at a home game is so contagious. I'm hoping we can go again next year and perhaps make it to the end of the game.

Another unforgettable weekend was when we went to see the Joplins in Del Rio. It is so beautiful there, and just a breath of fresh air! It helps that Amber and I have kiddos the same age, and they are starting to play with each other more. Dirky has a crush on Journey (she's a doll- who wouldn't?), and we let Kota take a few Jeep rides with Jonah. Supervised of course. 

Jolene married her soul mate Jeremy on October 21st, 2017! It was fun to be on the dance floor with my besties again!!!

And just like that it was Thanksgiving! We celebrated at school with friends. Miss Michelle cooked a delicious turkey. We drove into Houston to see as much family as possible. Fishing at Brazos Bend with Mimi and T-Paw first and then to Manvel where we got to watch a Manvel Mavericks game at NRG Stadium! Dirky met Hoka Hey. Visiting Gigi and Great Granddaddy turned into a tickle fest with lots of laughs!
Dakota, Zoey, Daniel, MacKenzie, Araceli, & Diego.
Dirky was not in a party mood.

And believe it or not, it snowed!!

As much as we wanted to go outside and play, it was very cold... freezing ha! Dirky already had a cold, so we snapped a few pics and took a walk to the mailbox, but ran back! The next morning we woke to a white winter wonderland. Seeing everything covered with a blanket of snow was bizarre, but beautiful. 

Daddy built a small snowman on the porch and Noodle loved frolicking about in the powdery stuff! Dakota said it was "magical," which I'd have to agree.

And then it was Christmas! Kota is still scared of Santa, and Dirky wasn't much of a fan either. Not many parents get to get in their kids' Christmas picture at Cabela's. Celebrating Christmas early this year allowed us to spend two weekends in Houston and see lots of family! I finally got to meet Noah, Jaryl and Monica's son who was born pretty early, but is such a calm and relaxed baby!! We also had the coolest hayride down to the airport. Papa got to relax in a recliner on the ride. I know Granny was smiling down on all of us.

Our Christmas at home was not as early as we expected. Dirk and I had to wake the kids up at 8:00 am. Dakota loved her Hatchimals and hatched them right away. Dirky we learned may not be ready for his Paw Patrol ride on toy. He still needs to learn how to steer. He kept running into the walls, which at least is funny and he doesn't get hurt because the speed is so slow.


Pulling on my heart strings...
This past week, Kota told us at dinner her favorite part of the day was hugging me.

Dirky has been giving me the sweetest boy kisses- he comes in so fast though that I feel like I'm going to get head-butted.

Daddy sends me sweet love notes from work because he knows how much I love snail mail.

The past few months were rough with two so young so close together, and the daycare sicknesses; 1 case of bronchitis, a strange rash, and two simultaneous Mom and Dad stomach bugs, and balancing work with hectic sales jobs, but I want to do a better job of preserving these sweet moments. I feel like so much goes and in and out of my brain, I'd hate for these to not be remembered.